Assessment. Treatment. Return to Sport

Detailed knowledge of both how and why the body moves as it does enables our physiotherapists to assist in the recovery, rehabilitation and prevention of injuries.

Whether it’s a minor acute hamstring strain or a complex chronic lower back problem our aim is the same. Follow an evidence based process to assist with your immediate recovery and identify any potential underlying causes to alleviate long term discomfort. There is an overriding three step process that is used including an assessment, treatment and then a plan for your return to sport.


Getting an accurate diagnosis is arguably the most important aspect to your treatment by a physio. It determines everything from the type of treatment required and expected recovery time, right through to developing an exercise plan to reduce the chances of a recurrence.

Our physiotherapists choose from a wide range of neuromuscular skeletal assessments in your initial consultation based on your presenting injury and symptoms. Not following an evidence based diagnosis protocol often leads to misdiagnosis. This can significantly delay your recovery time and restrict your ability to prevent the injury occurring again.


Treatment by your Balance Health and Performance physiotherapist may include the use of:

  • Manual therapy for soft tissues
  • Dry needling for trigger points and pain relief
  • Both rigid and sports taping for pain relief and injury prevention
  • Biomechanical assessment and correction of movement
  • Muscle strengthening and conditioning

Return to Sport

Whether it’s a sport or your everyday activities, this is the end goal of injury rehabilitation. We want to see you healthy and active, not spending too much time in a treatment room.

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