Increase mobility and decrease pain

Sports massage therapy has the duel aim of increasing muscle and joint mobility whilst reducing stiffness to minimise pain and aid in recovery. Our therapists use a variety of hand on massage techniques from deep tissue remedial work to more superficial myofascial releases.

Deep tissue massage focuses on the body’s soft tissue and musculature.The aim is to alleviate tension and stress through manipulation of the tissues breaking up adhesions and really stimulating blood flow. Myofascial release focuses on the connective tissue, or fascia utilising much more gentle pressure to loosen the fascial tightness which can lead to muscular restrictions.

The type of techniques your therapist will use is completely individual. It usually involves a combination of a number of proven techniques however the focus will vary from person to person and day to day. It’s about choosing the technique that is going to achieve the best outcome at that point in time.

All our therapists have a sports based background and thus a detailed understanding of the specific stresses sport places on the body. They know those areas that tend to stiffen up more than others and how to get the most effective results in a limited amount of time.

Whilst specialising in sports based massage our therapists still provide a range of treatments suitable for everyone from general public to casual runners and right up to elite athletes.

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