Have Kids Ruined Your Core… If Your Back Constantly Aches, Your Hips Feel Rotated And You’re Embarrassed To Run You Need Have Your Separation Checked

Have Kids Ruined Your Core… If Your Back Constantly Aches, Your Hips Feel Rotated And You’re Embarrassed To Run You Need Have Your Separation Checked

If after having children you struggle to control your bladder when you run, worry about sneezing and refuse to skip because it’s just embarrassing then you need to have your separation assessed.

Even if your kids are nearly 10 years old!

This is what I found with one of my recent patients in Bondi.

But it’s not why she came in!

She needed to…

Figure Out How To Eliminate Constant Back Pain

There was nothing severe about it, just a constant tightness.

She brought the recent xrays her normal chiro made her get…the spine was in great condition. Way better than mine. There was,
        no scoliosis
               no obvious degeneration
                           no glaring bone deformity

It was fairly straight and uncomplicated. So why the constant back pain?

At 43 years old, she was…

Fed Up With Waking Up Feeling  Like An Old Woman

Before coming to Balance she was seeing her chiro every month, sometimes more. They believed the pain was a result of her ‘twisted pelvis’. Getting it adjusted helped but it always seems to come back.

To me…the twist seemed more like a compensation pattern than the root of the problem.

As we were discussing how her body moves and feels in general I discovered she still pees a little when running or sneezing unexpectedly.

To me this is a massive hint…

She Had A Core Issue

Now knowing of her lack of bladder control I immediately focused on assessing what was wrong with her core.

She had what we call a diastasis rectus abdominus.

Even 9 Years After Giving Birth She Had Abdominal Separation

It was 2cm and 3/4 more on the right side compared to the left. A difference between sides of the body is always a big problem.

This right internal oblique also tested weaker. Another  asymmetry. No surprise she also feels the back pain more on the right!

Her body has been forced to work around this issue for 9 years. Walking, running, in the gym and  with everyday activities her body has found a way to compensate for this core issue.

You know how she compensates…rotating the pelvis.

Until she addresses the core imbalance treating the hip will only ever be a temporary solution.

You may be thinking…

Why did the Obstetrician and the midwife nurses not say anything about the separation in the abdomen?

She was definitely surprised they didn’t!

Whilst I could argue they should have mentioned it, honestly it is not life threatening and not that bad.


If Separation Isn’t Addressed Soon After Giving Birth It Will Become A Problem Later

At the end of the first appointment we had our diagnosis. I explained to her how the twisted pelvis and back pain she couldn’t get rid of was a direct result of the abdominal separation and muscles on the right side of the tummy not working.

She now had a clear explanation of what was causing her pain and why it hadn’t been getting better.

As I was treating her to help relieve the discomfort in her back I explained the specific plan of attack…

Treat the Pain For Relief and
Integrate Specific Corrective Exercises To Eliminate The Cause

We followed this approach for two weeks. Each time reassessing and making sure we were following the right path. It was improving steadily which is always a good sign.

A month later she booked in for a review. She was so excited to tell me it hadn’t felt this good in such a long time. I reassessed everything, the back and pelvis, the separation, the core. The difference was significant.

The best news…

There was no reason I needed to see her again.

This is just one of the cases I’ve seen recently where problems have developed in women who haven’t addressed common post natal issues. Whether it’s pelvic floor dysfunction, abdominal separation or asymmetries in the core…you really need to get it checked.

A few simple but targeted exercises with a little specific treatment can prevent niggles like ongoing back pain from ever becoming a problem.

If you have kids and know you don’t have full control your bladder let one of our physios assess your separation and core control. The longer you wait the harder it can be to reverse the compensation. Just call the clinic on 9899 5512 and ask for one of the julietta in canada physio’s who specialise in post natal care.