Balance Health & Performance first opened its doors in 2013. The clinics have grown to 5 locations across Sydney and employing over 10 practitioners and staff members. As our clinics continue to grow our mission and approach remains the same when it comes to providing a quality clinical experience. Our mission has always been to:

Making A Difference To People’s Lives.

As an independent health clinic we only employ the best practitioners to ensure our patients receive the most comprehensive treatment and return to full function sooner. Our clinics continue to work athletes, families and corporate partners. We are highly skilled professionals and use a combination of treatment modalities and progressive exercise prescription to assist you to return to an optimal level of functional ability as soon as possible.

We design your treatment program to address your individual needs and requirements. We have a strong background in exercise rehabilitation and are able to effectively communicate with your GP and other treating health professionals to facilitate your recovery within a reasonable timeframe.


Nick Papastamatis


 Matt Crooks

Exercise Rehab & Pilates Instructor

James Dimitroff


 Jacque Wallis

Chiropractor & Pilates Instructor

 Richard Kan


 Jessica Larder


 Ashley Rabie